The Process

  1. If you’re interested in learning more about working with me, the first step is to schedule your free consultation. This “discovery” session serves as a feeling out process of sorts, so we can decide whether or not we’re a good fit to move forward with a coach-client partnership.

  2. Once you’ve scheduled, you’ll fill out a short discovery form and coachability index, which allow me to better prepare for your specific needs. We’ll focus primarily on refining your goals to improve your chances of success, but we’ll also discuss obstacles to those goals as well as any patterns you have noticed in your health or any chronic issues you may have.

  3. If we both feel ready to move forward together, our next step will be to decide on an initial length of time for our partnership, typically between 21 days and 12 weeks, and discuss payment options.

  4. Once I’ve received payment, you’ll fill out an in-depth intake form to provide a more detailed picture of your health history, support system, work and home environments, etc, and schedule your initial consultation. From here, I’ll put together a week-to-week plan to guide us through our time together.

  5. Now the real work begins! Though I always make room for specific needs of each client, weekly coaching sessions are the norm through the course of a program. I like to work in two-week blocks, alternating between long and short sessions. Longer sessions provide education and introduction of new concepts or practices; these typically happen via video (Zoom) or phone. Shorter sessions are for checking in, celebrating successes, troubleshooting struggles, and making small tweaks; these can happen via phone, video, or email (client’s choice). All of my ongoing clients are also free to text or email at any time with quick questions or issues.

  6. At the end of our predetermined time frame, we’ll reassess your health and goals, and decide whether you’re ready to progress on your own or would prefer more support.

Questions? Let’s chat!
I’m happy to discuss the coaching process in further detail during our call.