Step one: the Discovery Call

All of my coaching relationships begin with a short session designed to assess whether or not we’re a good fit for one another.
Please schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today to discuss your goals, ask questions, and determine which program is best for your specific needs.

Flagship Programs

All programs include weekly coaching sessions, unlimited text/email support, and a daily support via shared accountability journal (Google Docs).

4 Weeks

A crash course in comprehensive wellness!

  • Make better food choices.

  • Exercise smarter, not harder (or longer).

  • Cultivate healthy daily routines to improve sleep and manage stress.

  • Daily readings build understanding of basic concepts.

  • Daily goals encourage practical implementation of new lifestyle practices.

Keto Kickstart
9 Weeks

Increase energy, fight inflammation, and become a fat-burning beast!

  • Learn to make keto safe and enjoyable with nutrient-dense foods.

  • 3-week intro phase focuses on real food, sleep, and stress management to prepare you for the transition to low-carb.

  • 6-week low-carb phase ensures effective keto-adaptation.

  • Tailor you fitness regimen to work with your diet, not against it.

  • Learn to utilize intermittent fasting as a tool for disease prevention and weight loss.

  • Build metabolic flexibility for long-term sustainability.

Comprehensive Wellness
12 Weeks

For those looking to make long-term lifestyle changes for lifelong health!

  • Make smarter food choices by focusing on real, nutrient-dense foods.

  • Reduce cravings, increase satiety, and burn more fat by removing processed foods.

  • Exercise smarter, not harder with a practical and appropriate movement regimen.

  • Feel better by improving sleep, reducing stress, and practicing gratitude.

  • Unleash your full genetic potential.

  • Learn to successfully navigate dinner parties, dining out, road trips, and more!

Additional Services



I am available for catering small events (<25) in the Bishop area (Lone Pine to Mammoth Lakes).
Please contact me for pricing and details.

Group Coaching
+ Wellness Workshops

Please contact me for pricing and details.