Monthly Packages

Ready for a lifestyle change? Let's dig deep!

  • All monthly packages include:
    • Four coaching sessions per month (two 60-minute; two 30-minute)
      • Via phone or video (Google Hangouts or Zoom)
    • Unlimited text and email support
    • Relevant resources and handouts
  • 4-week [$400]
  • 8-week [$375/mo]
  • 12-week or longer [$350/mo]
    • Recommended for best value and results!

Single Consultations

Just looking for a quick tune-up? Schedule single consultations as-needed. 

  • 60-Minute Initial Consultation [$100]
    • Review of Intake Form
    • Establishment of well-defined and manageable goals.
    • List of approved foods and foods to avoid.
    • Personalized macronutrient goals.
    • A sensible workout regimen to fit your goals.
    • Tips for improved sleep and stress management.
  • Follow-up Sessions: 60-min [$75]; 30-min [$40]
    • Troubleshoot struggles and successes.
    • Discuss new strategies for continued success.
    • Review doctors visits and lab results.

Group Coaching

Working in a group of 3-6 is a great way to make coaching more affordable. Please contact me to discuss details.

12-Week Group Wellness Program [$2700]*

*Pricing as low as $150 per person per month!

  • Week 1: Foods to Enjoy/Avoid
  • Week 2: Check-in*
  • Week 3: Fats, Proteins, Carbs
  • Week 4: Check-in*
  • Week 5: Sleep and Stress
  • Week 6: Check-in*
  • Week 7: Movement
  • Week 8: Check-in*
  • Week 9: Is keto right for you?
  • Week 10: Check-in*
  • Week 11: Lifestyle
  • Week 12: Long-term Success

*Relevant workshops can be added to even-numbered weeks.


Workshops can be added to any monthly program.

  • Guided Grocery Trip* [$90]
  • Cooking Demo* [$90]
  • Guided Body Weight Workout* [$60]
  • Guided Sprint/HIIT Workout* [$60]
  • Gratitude, Mindfulness, and Meditation* [$90]

*Local clients only.

Not sure what you need?

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